Welcome to the HearAgain Clinic

Welcome to HearAgain Balance and Hearing Clinic, servicing Niagara Falls, Ontario.

We are independently owned and operated in Niagara Peninsula. Our modern, comfortable office is wheelchair accessible and offers state of the art diagnostic equipment. Staff at HearAgain receive ongoing specialized training and bring a team approach to service for all clients.

After an extensive course with Dr. Pawel Jastreboff, we now offer Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) at our clinic. Tinnitus is experienced by a majority of the population. However, for a certain percentage of the population tinnitus can be so severe that it affects the individuals’ quality of life. TRT is aimed at retraining the body’s reactions induced by tinnitus, and habituating to the perception of the tinnitus signal using the neurophysiological model. This method retrains the reflexes involving the connections between the auditory, limbic and autonomic nervous systems to block the tinnitus signal. TRT always consists of two components; intensive one-on-one counseling and sound therapy. TRT has been proven to be effective in over 80% of individuals affected by tinnitus.



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Special Offers

Special Offers: 10% Discount on All Products

10% discount* on all products has been negotiated by the following employers for all employees and spouses of:

  • Brock University
  • Quarter Century Club (Ontario Gov’t employees)
  • General Motors
  • District School Board of Niagara
  • Preferred Visions Services (Manulife, Great West Life, SunLife, and Chamber of Commerce Insurance Plans)
  • DANA Canada
  • John Deere

*the special offer cannot be combined with other discounts.


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3 Convenient Locations

4725 Dorchester Rd.
Unit B15
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Phone: 905-354-2757
Fax: 905-354-7045

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